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Top 2 Ways To Jam GPS Tracking Signals
by B. Hopkins

GPS tracking technology has made such technological advances that it has become affordable to almost anyone. 10 years ago, parents would have only been able to dream about keeping track of their children's whereabouts. Today they can now afford to track their whereabouts via a GPS tracking device on their cell phone or in their vehicle. On the flip side, this technology has all but eliminated the privacy one has as they travel through their daily activities. Employees may now feel like they're under the thumb of big brother, and others may feel like they can't get away from their jealous ex-lovers. However, there are some things you can do to give you back some privacy if you feel like your privacy has been grossly invaded. Jamming the GPS signal is the biggest way to regain your privacy in the face of GPS tracking technology.

1. Purchase a GPS Jamming Device

GPS Jamming devices work off of the concept that if the signal can't reach the GPS tracking device, then no tracking can take place. How they work is they jam the tracking signal by sending out a higher power signal that interferes with the incoming tracking signal, in essence making it look like the tracking signal isn't online. No tracking information is then recorded in the device because there is nothing to record. GPS jamming devices work within a small area and are effective in vehicles in jamming the signal to the vehicle's tracking device, or they can be used on your person to jam any GPS device you are carrying (such as a cell phone).

The major issue with these devices is that many localities ban the sale of these devices because they are transmitting signals at frequencies that the FCC doesn't like. Even though these devices are only effective at a short distance, owning these devices is still prohibited. It is similar to having radar detecting equipment in localities that have made it illegal. There are some companies that sell these devices online to anyone willing to take the possible risk.

2. Use Good Old Fashioned Technology

Another way to jam GPS signals is to use good old fashioned technology... metal foil. If you can find the wires in the GPS tracking device, you can wrap the wires in a metal foil (aluminum foil or some other type of metal foil) and you will be able to block much of the signal coming into the device. The issue is that you have to know where the GPS tracking device is and you have to know where the antennae wires are on the device. If the device is in some hidden part of the automobile, you may have some digging to do in order to find it, and it may be difficult to encase the wires in foil.

There are only a few ways in which you can regain your privacy if you feel you are being tracked with a GPS tracking device. Even though your options may be limited, they are effective. The solution you use may depend upon the local laws in your area if you want to stay above board.


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